Hi, my name is Sebastian Kraus. I am a professor for UX Design at the HMKW University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I am a business consultant in strategy and design for digital products, brands and services.

More than 23 years of expertise in the development and realization of comprehensive design projects in the scope of digital brand guidance and product development, as well as cross-media format delivery for brands such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, MINI, Deutsche Bahn and ProCamera, and various commissioned works for creative agencies such as Scholz & Volkmer, Ogilvy and Deutsche Telekom Products & Innovation Division.

Mindset Systemic Design

In a world that is increasingly complex, a new approach needs to be taken. This is possible if we look at problems systematically and move away from linear patterns of thought. In this way we can achieve situational clarity and thus create optimal conditions for an innovative range of solutions unhindered by pre-conceptions: Simple and clear solutions that can equally address both economic and societal issues. I convey this approach to my students too: I encourage them to think about the impossible and to change their mindsets. To try out various strategies with a curious and open mind and to playfully put them into practice.

A human being is only fully a human being when he plays.

– Friedrich Schiller


In the course of my design career, I was fortunate to be able to work with high-profile creative teams, by which I acquired various national and international accolades, became a member at the Deutscher Designer Club and a frequent juror at design competitions. Furthermore, I  commit myself as a partner with the project council of the German Federal Ecodesign Award and the UPA

Creative Process

play → think → do  (and iterate ↵)

In the process of developing new ideas and solutions, both divergent and convergent thinking play a significant role. To create a broad width of solution approaches, one benefits to begin a task in an open, unsystematic and experimental way play. Only to purposely switch into convergent thinking: Analytically, rationally and linear → think. To render ideas to be immersive and tangible and receive real feedback from real people, a prototype of any sorts can offer helpful leverage points for improvements and alternatives: Fast and solution-oriented → do.

Clients and Agencies

A selection of clients and design agencies from different industries for whom I have been able to work over the past few years.

“For me, Sebastian is a sparring partner, an idea machine, a team motivator and full-blooded designer all rolled into one. Whether it is about brand or UX.”

Jens Dämgen
CEO at ProCamera App